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Less Risk,More Return selected as Best Trading book of 2011

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Just in time for your last minute holiday shopping, our inaugural TradingMarkets Best Trading Books of 2011 is here with a few profit/loss-oriented page-turners for the trader or active investor in your life.

We’ve divided the best into two categories – “Must Reads” and “Should Reads” with a Winner and an Honorable Mention selection in each.  We hope this will make it that much easier to decide which of the best trading books of 2011 you’ll be sending out as gifts this holiday season – and which ones you’re more likely to buy as “gifts” to yourself!

Must Reads

Winner: Lee Hull – Less Risk, More Return: A Proven Blueprint for Retirement Plan Investing

Long time visitors at might be surprised to find a book on “retirement plan investing” at the top of our best trading books of 2011.

But one of our criteria for the best trading book of the year was a book that would be important, must-reading for the widest variety of trader and investor possible. And whether you day-trade ETFs, swing trade options or trend trade stocks, making your trading strategy a contributing part of your overall investing and retirement strategy is critical.

Said Lee Hull in a conversation about the book with earlier this year:

Ideally, we all have the same retirement goal: to retire on time with enough money, no matter what the stock market, the bond market does. Traditional portfolios are set up where they are only going to do well if we get a great 20-year run in stocks and bonds both. And that’s not in sync with people’s real goals. People’s real goal is to get ahead no matter what happens.
And that’s why you need to think, “What if the future is not as great as I think it’s going to be? Or what if returns are low single digits? Do I have my investments set up so I can still get ahead?”

In Less Risk, More Return, money manager Lee Hull shows how and why traditional investment advice and strategies have failed the average investor. By including alternative strategies, including short term, mean reversion strategies and maintaining high cash positions when market edges are few and far between, Lee Hull makes a compelling argument for short-term trading in the service of long-term investment.

Access an interview with Lee Hull at the link below.

Less Risk, More Return: The Big Saturday Interview with Lee Hull

And be sure to pick up a copy of Less Risk, More Return here.



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