Less Risk More Return

The Book

The success or failure of your retirement plan is dependent on your ability to evaluate investment strategies, mutual funds, money managers, and/or financial advisors. Your ability to focus on what matters most will make or break your retirement plan. Let a proven investment manager show you how to:

  • Understand the biggest risk to growing your retirement plan and what to do about it
  • Learn the real differences between traditional and alternative investment strategies
  • Know what kind of investment strategies/advice are worth paying for and what you shouldn’t pay for
  • Choose investment strategies, mutual funds, money managers or financial advisors that can grow your funds even when everyone else is losing
  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes when investing index funds and bonds
  • Learn how to avoid paying too much in fees for alternative investment strategies
  • Learn how the ultra rich invest compared to traditional investments
  • Learn how to choose alternative investment strategies using information from a losing decade.

Less Risk, More Returns will make everyone a better manager of their retirement plan.

Lee Hull

The Author

Since 1999, Lee Hull has been managing retirement and pension plans with one goal in mind:
To address the biggest risk investors face which is a prolonged period of losing or lower than expected returns in the stock market.
Investment returns for retirement and pension plans managed by Hull Capital Management averaged double digit growth during the worst
12-year period for traditional investments in 80 years. This risk adverse approach was profitable in 2008 when the US stock market fell 37%.
Similarly, managed accounts were also profitable during the 2000-2002 period
when the stock market lost 43%. Lee Hull grew up in a family business, and everyone he knew was self employed. That’s why helping self employed, newly retired, small business and professional practice owners grow and manage their retirement and pension plans is a natural fit. Lee understands that few if any investors can afford to go five, ten or more years without growing their retirement plan balances.

Lee is the author of “Less Risk. More Return”. Lee’s articles on investing topics have been published in a variety including American Way, Reuters, and over two dozen professional journals and magazines. Before launching Hull Capital Management in 1999, Lee served in the U.S.Navy, worked at Merrill Lynch and Prudential Securities. He completed the Certified Financial Planner program at the University of North Texas. Lee is married with three children and resides in Tyler, Texas.