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Great Investment Book

After reading several books on investing and retirement investing,
this book is the best so far. “Less Risk, More Return” was the first
book that said something different and gave me a plan for investing
differently. If you don’t want to repeat the past ten years again or
are wondering how to evaluate alternative investments and financial
advisors, read this book before investing one dollar.

by CJ on November 14, 2011

A surprisingly honest approach to retirement investing

A well thought out approach to retirement investing that is definitely a step up from traditional financial advice. After reading, I was curious to see if the author’s real world returns matched up to ideas put forth in the book and the author seems to have delivered.
This fact alone surprised me. The idea that investors should not hire or pay managers or advisors if they cannot return something different than index funds was very honest and a bit unexpected coming from a
financial advisor or money manager. I can say that I will be
changing how I invest after reading this book.

by Aiming for 65 on November 18, 2011

Less Risk is what it is all about

Being very close to retirement, I have read many books and articles about what to do with my money, and how to invest it. All of these books sounded the same until I found Lee Hull’s book. What an eye opener. The book is an easy read and explains simply and sensibly how to avoid most of the risk in the market. The stock market will always be “uncertain” when it comes to risk and return. I want the “Modern IRA” discussed in this great book.

by tbugolf on November 10, 2011

A truly unique book on investing

As someone who has worked for a hedge fund and as a financial advisor, I think “Less Risk, More Return” is perfect, but dangerous at the same time. It is almost perfect in the way it educates investors in plain English on the pro’s and con’s of different investment choices especially on alternative investment strategies and how it could impact your retirement plans. However, the book is dangerous to your financial advisor as you may be very angry with them after reading this book. You will be wondering why they do not take Hull’s well thought out approach to investing or fees.

by txinvestor184 on November 9, 2011

Risk, More Return walks investors through the problems all investor face and must deal with at some point.

Risk, More Return walks investors through the problems all investor face and must deal with at some point. The problems are lower than expected returns from mutual funds or traditional investments over long periods of time like ten, fifteen or twenty years. The pros and con’s of traditional investments Less like mutual funds and alternative investments like hedge funds are analyzed. The author points out that the wealthiest and most successful investors in the country invest very differently than everyday investors. The chapters titled “The Role of Fiduciary Advisor” and “Minimizing the Cost of Being Wrong” were to best from my point of view. The book did make good on its claim about making me a better manager of my retirement plan. I do feel I am better manager of retirement plan and know how to get the best out of index funds, advisors and alternative investments after reading.

by mariey on November 3, 2011

intelligent and helpful, made a big difference in my approach

I think every person who manages their own IRA or retirement plan should read this book. You may not agree with everything the author says, but you will definitely know how to get the best out of different investments after reading it.
I caught myself having several “AHA” moments while reading the book and thinking about the mistakes I have made over the years. For example, I was shooting myself in the foot the way I was using index funds.

I really think making the changes to my portfolio based on the book are going to make a big difference in my IRA.

by Kaela Pearlman on November 2, 2011

Great planning tool!

A must read for anyone at any level of investing or “worrying” about their retirement funds. Simply written and easy to understand Mr. Hull helps the reader learn what I am sure his fellow investment brokers would rather he did not. What a great guide to planning my investment strategies. I wished I had this book after the tech bubble in the 90’s to help me prepare for what was in store for the next twelve years!

by Texas “Pots” on October 28, 2011